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Custom Furniture Process

                        Get in Touch

Schedule a free 15 minute no obligation consultation with one of our experienced craftsman. 

Click Here to Book Your Free Consultation 


We can offer a variety of ideas to help you discover furniture that fits your home if you haven't already decided.  Our experts can advise on everything from style, design, color, durability and even safety.  We will help ensure the furniture is appropriate for your space and needs.  We have the ability to match existing pieces and design furniture that meet your unique needs. 

                       Initial Sketch / Estimate 

Following your phone consultation, we will prepare an estimate that includes a hand drawn sketch of our concept and a ball park cost.  You decide if you would like to proceed and/or make any changes to the sketch provided.  

                       Drawing & Proposal

If you are happy with our initial sketch and estimate, we will prepare a drawing and plan, select and provide sample materials and prepare a clearly defined estimate of cost. For this proposal, we charge a $150 design fee which will be subtracted from your final payment.  If for any reason you decide after paying the $150 fee that you do not want to proceed, we will provide you with the complete drawing and plan.  Once the drawing and proposal are approved, we require 75% of cost to begin work and the remaining 25% is due upon delivery. 


Enjoy your new family heirloom you can pass on to future generations!

Yacht Refit

Owning a yacht is great, but these vessels require a lot of upkeep and maintenance.  If you are considering a major overhaul, adding some new furniture or just making a few cosmetic updates feel free to contact us to share your project goals and see how we can assist make your vision a reality.   

Click Here to Schedule an Onsite Yacht Refit Estimate


Carpentry Services

In need of a carpenter?  Contact us for an estimate. 

We offer a variety of services to meet our residential and commercial customers needs. 

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Custom Furniture Process
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