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Tips & Tricks To Care for Solid Wood Furniture

Handmade furniture from JD Benchmade is an investment that should last a lifetime. We pride ourselves on timeless designs and quality craftsmanship that's a step above mass-produced items. Properly cared for furniture can be kept in the family for generations, just like furniture used to be. The key to this is regular maintenance. As with any long-term commitment, our furniture requires periodic care to stay in great condition.

This includes:

Regular cleaning and polishing. The best thing you can do for your hardwood furniture is simply to keep it looking its best. Regular polishing will prevent dust from building up, and get rid of water stains and other marks that can ruin its appearance if left unattended.

Keeping temperatures stable over time. Frequent, rapid changes in heat and humidity levels can cause furniture to swell and warp, leading to permanent damage in extreme cases.

Avoiding excessive sunlight. Sunlight will cause the finish of your hardwood furniture to fade over time. Do not place your furniture directly under a window, and use tablecloths and decorative throws to limit exposure.

While there are a lot of furniture cleaning products on the market today, always stick with natural, mild detergents that do not contain a lot of chemicals. Instead, make light cleaning and dusting part of your routine, and you will avoid the need for dramatic interventions in the future.

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